Boib + Wenny | Downtown Snohomish Wedding

September 20, 2015

Boib & Wenny had gotten married a few years earlier, but never gotten a chance to take wedding photos. We started the photoshoot at Bailey’s Vegetable Farm in Snohomish Valley. They had picked this place because they wanted to have some unique wedding photos, and let’s face it, how many other wedding photos have you seen from a corn field? We roamed around the farm for some photos and finished the day at downtown Snohomish.

Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-10 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-11 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-12 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-13 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-14 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-15 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-16 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-17 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-18 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-19 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-20 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-21 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-22 Downtown-Snohomish-Engagement-23

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