Osler + Susan | Pier 66 Engagement

October 11, 2016

Osler and Susan are happily engaged but right now, Susan lives in Hawaii and Osler is in Seattle. So when Susan was coming to visit for a week, we scheduled a date to do their engagement shoot. With my Hong Kong trip in mid October, we were lucky to find a sunny afternoon that worked for everyone! A photoshoot during the golden hour is my favorite and Pier 66 in downtown Seattle definitely does not disappoint! Count how many landmarks we can fit into one photo!

seattle-pier66-engagement-1 seattle-pier66-engagement-2 seattle-pier66-engagement-3 seattle-pier66-engagement-4 seattle-pier66-engagement-5 seattle-pier66-engagement-6 seattle-pier66-engagement-7 seattle-pier66-engagement-8 seattle-pier66-engagement-9 seattle-pier66-engagement-10 seattle-pier66-engagement-11 seattle-pier66-engagement-12 seattle-pier66-engagement-13

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