Edgar + Ligia | Chihuly Proposal

September 8, 2016

A couple months ago, I got an email from Edgar. Him, his girlfriend and her family will be taking a trip to Seattle from Guatamala and he wanted to propose here! Over the next few weeks, we planned out the locations and timeline via Skype. Since he will be with his girlfriend the whole time, me and Edgar won’t actually meet until after he proposes! The day finally came and I waited outside Chihuly, pretending to be a tourist. When I saw Edgar and Ligia arrive, I made eye contact with Edgar for a split second and he gave me a small nod. I know this was going to be challenging and I would only get one shot at this. Chihuly can get crowded and this afternoon was no different. I will have to capture her expression, cut out all other people and stay hidden at the same time while trying to get Chihuly’s work in the background! Check out the photos from Edgar’s proposal below!

chihuly-wedding-proposal-1 chihuly-wedding-proposal-2 chihuly-wedding-proposal-3 chihuly-wedding-proposal-4 chihuly-wedding-proposal-5 chihuly-wedding-proposal-6 chihuly-wedding-proposal-7 chihuly-wedding-proposal-8 chihuly-wedding-proposal-9 chihuly-wedding-proposal-10 chihuly-wedding-proposal-11 chihuly-wedding-proposal-12 chihuly-wedding-proposal-13 chihuly-wedding-proposal-14 chihuly-wedding-proposal-15 chihuly-wedding-proposal-16 chihuly-wedding-proposal-17 chihuly-wedding-proposal-18 chihuly-wedding-proposal-19 chihuly-wedding-proposal-20 chihuly-wedding-proposal-21 chihuly-wedding-proposal-22 chihuly-wedding-proposal-23 chihuly-wedding-proposal-24 chihuly-wedding-proposal-25


  1. Comment by Leila J.

    Leila J. Reply November 27, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    Oh wow… these are so beautiful! Great work Nick!

  2. Comment by Sannnnndy

    Sannnnndy Reply December 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Such a great story. Love the photos!

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