Jaede & Jessie | Soho – Shek-O Engagement

February 18, 2017

Jaede & Jessie were so natural around each other that it makes my job incredibly fun (and easy)! Jaede and Jessie’s cross country love story started 8 years ago when they were both working in Beijing. However, they only started dating a few years ago and now, Jaede works in Singapore while Jessie works in Hong Kong. Every weekend, they take turns visiting each other. Now they’re planning their wedding in Canada! We started the engagement session exploring the Soho areas around Central. Jaede had quite a few funky ideas for photos that Jessie shot down right away… After a few drinks at a nearby bar to rest up, we headed to Shek-O to finish up the engagement session. I think you can tell from the photos below that this couple is pretty awesome.

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