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Nick Leung

Seattle & Hong Kong Professional Wedding Photographer.

Hi! My name is Nick! I’m a professional wedding photographer and I absolutely love what I do. I see my profession not only as a photographer, but also a story teller. Whether it’s from the wedding album or just from one single frame. They all tell a story. I enjoy wedding photography because I enjoy capturing the interaction between people. The feelings shown on the biggest day of people’s lives, I love being able to immortalize those moments. You can also learn more about my photography style in the video below!

I am dual based out of Seattle and Hong Kong right now, flying frequently between these two beautiful cities. Working two markets has allowed me to experience the best of both worlds. I can bring a refreshing natural style of photography to a more traditional Hong Kong market. This also keeps me busy when there is down time in Seattle. Shooting in two wildly different locations has also given me fresh ideas for my clients!

In my free time, I like to travel (even more), compete in triathlons, and dabble in home improvement projects. My favorite foods are mango, dumplings, and sushi, although finding a good mango in Seattle has been extremely rare. My journey in wedding photography started 5 years ago on a remote stretch of the Great Wall of China. Ask me about how I became a wedding photographer when we meet!

I was recently voted one of the top 25 wedding photographers in Seattle! You can read more about this from the link on left!

Your photographer,


Meet the Nick Leung Photography Team!

When you hire me on as your photographer, I will always be the main photographer at your wedding. But I also work with the best professionals in the industry. Whether it’s my second photographer or my assistant, we as a team do everything we can to capture your memories! Most members on my team have been with me for over 3 years and I trust them to do everything necessary to make your wedding day a great one. We also have experience shooting large and multi-cultural weddings!

What to expect from your wedding photographer?

When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you’re not only hiring someone to document your wedding day. From our first consultation to the delivery of your wedding album, I make sure you are getting the best experience on your wedding day AND during the wedding planning process. It is absolutely crucial that my clients feel comfortable with me and are happy with my service every step of the way.

I have 3 wedding packages for my clients as a starting point. From there, I can customize the package to your needs. On top of that, all wedding packages include an engagement session. We get to know each other better during the engagement session and create some beautiful photos for display at your wedding! It’s a win/win! It’s also not uncommon for me and my assistant to have dinner or a drink with my clients!

After having been around weddings for years, I have accumulated some practical experience on wedding timelines and a host of trusted vendors. During our consultation and subsequent meetings, please don’t hesitate to ask about wedding related things outside of photography! I look forward to meeting you!